International hometextile fashion trend

European style - Ball fiber mattress cover

what we call European mattress cover is a kind of mattress cover filled with ball fiber and covered with Jacquard fabric. This kind of mattress cover was very popular with West European and American market in 90¡¯s last century. It is either a kind of decoration or useful home products. We supply these products to many hotels, retail stores, and other buyers.

Shining mattress cover

Shining mattress cover is made of 100%cotton man-made silk, polyester, woven by wide jacquard machine. It is very popular bedding decoration at the end of last century. No matter the style is modern or elegant, such shinning mattress cover will be suitable..

Our country's industry of Home Textile is now in the trend of rapid development

It is showed by recent news that the percentage of home textile products on the textile market are increase to 30% comparing with the data 10% in 2000.By the reason of advancing living quality, people¡äs requirements for the bedding are arriving at a higher level. Except for useful function, people pay more and more attention to decoration function. The concept of home textile are range from hotels, restaurants, to cars, traveling and so on..

Global hi-tech innovation has triggered the revolution in the home textile industry


The expert expects that home textiles markets around world wide would continually increase up to 50% in the next ten years.

The home textiles is one of important industry in china. The high technology products will bring more and more opportunities to us.

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